Wyzwania Jorgego

Hi everyone,

Thank you for following this page. My name is Jorge and I’m from Spain. I’m currently living in Katowice, Poland and I have a challenge: I want to learn Polish.

This language is well known by its complexity and difficulty. However, I won’t give up. Now that I’m about to finish A1, I decided that to learn the language, I will write a story. To do it, I’ll be writing it as I learn Polish.

I’ll post all the updates, waiting for your feedback. Over time, I’ll be correcting, adding more pages, working on the story and characters, with only one goal: learn Polish.

This way I’ll share with you my evolution in this wonderful language. I hope you have a good time reading me.

I’m looking forward to hearing for your feedback.

Best regards, Jorge

Written pages

Jarowit – 30 czerw<ca 2019

Jarowit – 16 czerwca 2019

Jarowit – 9 czerwca 2019

Jarowit – 06 czerwca 2019

Jarowit – 28 maja 2019r