Camino de Santiago – Triacastela to Sarria

Dear readers,

Today it has been the second stage of this adventure. I took the chance to sleep a bit more and wake up at 7:00 a.m., since the route of today is shorter and weather is cold. At the beginning of the route the temperature was 11 degrees celsius which is perfect to start.

Like yesterday, I start alone and I enjoy the landscapes. I screw it up in the beginning because I wanted to follow the route of Los Salmos, but I cannot see the sign from the way I come from and take the shortest one. It is five kilometers less, but it enfuriates me. Another time.

On my way I meet one guy from Argentina. His name is Diego and we talk a lot along the way. He tells me he has worked in Northern Ireland and now in Barcelona. He is an introvert, just like me. Then I have my third revelation and I learn that I attract introverted people, with whom it seems that I have a special connection.

We get to Sarria in record time and we go into separate ways. I go to the hostel I booked the day before and I see that I have to share room with people I do not know. I have no other option than to accept. I decide to sleep on the upper bed. I go out and I go to the city’s downtown, where I have lunch at Plaza de la Constitución in front of the city hall. I finish and go for a walk, go to the youth hostel and buy a pilgrim’s shell. I go to the swimming pool where I meet Diego and tell him about my books. He shows interst and he encourages me to keep writing.

After the swimming pool I feel renewed. I go to have dinner near the river and I run into the two guys from Murcia that play guitar. They spot me from far, they look happy to see me and they sit with me at the table. I go soon to the hostel, since I am tired and I want to sleep. I learn that in these three days out of home I have been learning things about me that I did not know about. Tomorrow I have the intention of doing the way alone, but I feel more in the mood to connect with people and keep making new friends. I am expecting a fourth revelation.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a nice day



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