Camino de Santiago – Pedrafita to Triacastella

Dear readers,

After some weeks of changes in my life I started the first journey in my new life: El Camino de Santiago, an experience in solitude that I need to turn in the person I want to be, in who I must be.

This has always been a dream that wanted to make true and now that I can, I grabbed my backpack and started this adventure on the 11th August, taking a train from Barcelona to Ponferrada and from there, a bus to Piedrafita where I spent the night.

12th August

I wake up at 6 a.m., I say good-bye to the guys that I met last night and head O Cebreiro, where I oficially start my way. The temperature is 11 degrees celsius and as usual I am wearing a t-shirt with short sleeves, but I have experience in trail running and I know that I will warm up soon. I was not wrong.

Thirty minutes later I am starving. I want to have breakfast at the hostel but I was closed. Fortunately, I know that the body has enough fat reserves to use to consume energy and that I can survive. The problem is that it is cold and that makes metabolism to speed up. Soon I have the feeling that I am getting tired and I eat almonds to keep going.

At 8:30 a.m. I spot a bar. There are pilgrims from different countries. I order a toast with butter and coffee with milk. I recharge my energy and I get my first revelation: I can with this. I realize that despite the backpack I can walk fast and with good endurance. I get to the conclusion that this is due to my experience as a trail runner, since my bones are strongs and can resit the way, keeping in mind that when you are running the impact on your knees, ankles, feet and lower back is higher, since it is as if you weighed three times your normal weight. Anyway, the way is not very complicated, but walking 20 km is no joke.

I continue enjoying the Gallician landscapes.

I get bored in a part of the way. There are not so many people as I expected, but it is better this way. No one bothers me. What I feel is like when I go for a run. Walking helps me meditate and it is a way of finding myself, as long as to heal inner wounds.

Around 1 p.m. I arrive at Triacastela and I finish this stage. There are many pilgrims that have already occupied several hostels. Luckily, I had booked a hostel which is a bit expensive. From now on I will book something in advance to avoid surprises.

I go to have lunch and I try “caldo gallego”. It was not bad but I was expecting more. However, the wine is great and I drink the whole bottle. I run into the guys from Murcia, but I am exhauted, I want to sleep and the wine does not help. I go to the hostel and sleep two hours.

I wake up around 7 p.m. I go downtoan and take pictures of everything I see. It is not a big place, so I finish soon. The Church of Santiago of Triacastela looks beautiful. I daydream with a wedding and leave.

I go for dinner in a bar whose sign makes me laugh, since they ensure they can talk any language with signs. I run again into the guys from Murcia, that came from the church. They stay with me for dinner and I learn they are singers. I listen to them and have another revelation.

I record them while they are singing a birthday song to a friend of theirs. One of them plays guitar. However, he carries a small guitar due to the trip. Afterwards, they sing a song to a family who was sitting next to us and go to another restaurant to keep singing. I do not stay. I say good-bye and go to the hostel. I meditate about all the learnings and I decide that I have to follow their example and focus my passion for writing on just that, on the passion, and forget becoming a best-seller, since I know that if I forget enjoying what I do, I will fail.

I write this post and go to sleep. Good night.



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