Review of Showing Up Naked

Dear readers,

Today I’ll be writing this review in English. The reason is simple: this book is only available in this language.

On my writer’s journey I’ve seen many different books of different kinds: novels, short stories, thrillers and non-fiction books. Each one of them has something special.

However, not all the books I read catch my attention. Perhaphs the reason why is that in these books are not for me. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is how it works for me.

In 2014 when I was in Peru working for a project, I was bored in the hotel lying on my bed searching for something in Amazon that could teach me something. Then I found this book, Showing Up Naked, written by Erica Lee Boucher. The cover caught my attention. It shows the author naked. Then I thought “What can this book be about?” I read the description and I knew it was for me.

Book details



Title: Showing Up Naked

Author: Erica Lee Boucher

Genre: Conciusness & Thought

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My experience

At first when I openedthis book I could only read half of it. There was something in me that didn’t allow me to continue. It wasn’t boredom. On the contrary, I was having fun while reading it because there were interesting reflections about life and the Universe. Then I realized I had to this about what I had learned during the first chapters and apply it in my real life.

During this time I’ve been working really hard and faced many challenges during 2 years: death of family members, tons of workload and living unfair situations at work. It was then when I understood I had to become the hero of my life.

I decided to start a journey then. After getting married I decided to write my first book Encadenado (it could translated as Chained Up in English). I saw that we live in some kind of sick society that think that happiness is doing everything in a certain way, as if there were rules that had to be followed. For example, focusing more on business rather than family. By doing that I feel that mankind is being destroyed.  We see that everyday in our lives. Companies that fire employees to raise their benefit, our food contains substances that make it more addictive. But the worst of all comes when I realized that we all live in a zombified society. You only have to look at other people’s eyes. It feels as if they were soulless, hypnotized to work, to study, to live chained up to social values, struggling constantly to gain more money, to satisfy their boss’s needs, going to the gym not to health purposes but to lose weight more and more to appear attractive before others.

Every day I see people falling into darkness. Girls becoming more anorexic, employees staying overtime so that they can say they work until late, while families are being abandoned and love is lost.

Then I realized it was happening to me as well. So I decided to stop it.

When I married, a lot of people used to judge me in different ways. Many said I was making a mistake, others that I had to have children immediately after the wedding. I had a headache most of the time because of hearing what people were saying constantly to me how to live my life.

The truth is that I got married because I loved my wife. If that love one day ends I’ll divorce. As simple as that. In my honeymoon I realized I did well. Many don’t want to marry or love because they want to avoid pain. Others wanted me to marry my wife only because they said it was the right thing to do and have children. Love cannot be forced. It has to come naturally and so I did.

In my trip to the United States we drove to las Vegas from the Death Valley. A very amusing experience. One could say that the Death Valley was not the one you see in California. Las Vegas it is more dead actually.

Yes, I recognize that I had fun with all the casinos and all the lights. When I mean it’s dead it’s because when you inside the casino, you see a lot of sickened people playing to the same slot machines for hours. And again I saw how sick is our society. The very same happened in Spain, in the United States and all over the world. Zombies manifest in different ways. Some gamble the whole time, others work the whole time, without knowing the reason why there’re stuck in a situation like this.

We got back to Barcelona and I started my writer’s journey. I wrote a book about a guy named Victor who lives chained up to social values, always doing his best to satisfy others’ wishes: his mother’s, his wife’s, etc. One day he realizes this is all false happiness and an illusion that doesn’t exist.

Then he starts a journey in which he needs to wake up and fifht for what he desires.

When I finished the book I kept reading other books and saw in my tablet this one I stopped reading one year before. Then I realized I was worthy of finishing it. I had to understand a lesson before continuing the reading.

And so I did and ended Showing Up Naked.

My review

Enlightening. That’s all I can say. It’s sad that this book is only available in English. I honestly think it can help people from all over the world.

What makes it special is that it is a realistic book. It’s  different from this kind of self-help book that tell you that everything will be all right if you think positively and so on. This one, on the contrary, shows an optimistic point of view despite the struggles we have in life. Even the author shares with us the issues she encountered during her life and how she overcame them with the right way of thinking.

This book teaches how to open our heart. Not only in front of others but to ourselves. This has been for me the most important idea.

It’s important to feel sadness or anger when we need to. We life in a society that tells us that we need to avoid those feelings. It reminded me a little of the movie Upside Down that teaches us that feeling only joy is the way to feel happy. Other feelings matter as well. If we try to stop feeling anger, this will explode (as it happens in the movie).

Also it teaches us how to be empathetic toward others. Everyone behaves in a certain way for certain reasons. Their reasons. It reminds us that we are beings of light after all. It’s important to love ourselves and others not matter what.

As other books I’ve read, this is a book that needs to be read slowly. Rush is not allowed here. It contains exercices that can help us understand both the contents of the book and ourselves. It’s not a psychology book with difficult terms and psichoanalysis, thank God. It’s a book whose fate is help enlighten you so that you’re capable of starting your journey, the same way I did. It’s a book that will show you how to listen your inner voice and find the right path.

This is why I’ve written this review. I think it’s a book that needs to be shown to the world that is dying.








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