The End of a Chapter

Dear Readers,

Normally I don’t write things in English in my blog but today I’ll make an exception to celebrate the beginning of a New Year and a new chapter in my life. Also, I’ll try to write articles in English if time allows me to.

One of the most significant chapters of my life ends today. I must say that it has been a very challenging year to get through.

In the beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to finish writing a book, running a half trail marathon and keep on the Grade in Communication that I’m currently studying.

Despite the difficulties I had encountered along my journey, I could get through them. It’s not easy when in the middle of the year, life decides to strike you with an unexpected loss. Fortunately, my family was blessed with the birth of my nephew, even though some time later another relative left us unexpectedly. Luckily, that light still shines in my nephew.

However, I’ve always thought that one must resurrect from his ashes, like a Phoenix, which always comes with me in this journey of writing, running, struggling and dancing everyday.

I’m grateful to my wife, to my family, who gave me the strength to keep writing until I could finish my first book Encadenado (which I hope I can translate it one day to English), with the aim of teaching that anyone can reach his goals if he decides to do so, and that the dark side will be there tempting us to fail. In order to succeed, we must always listen to our heart instead than following others’ wishes.

However, despite the fact that my book should be reviewed more deeply and correct some things, I have to say that world where we live in is drowning. We try to live faster, we seek others’ company for our own interest or for a one-nightstand before trying to build a relationship based on pure love. We live in constant competition, rejecting others’ point of view, instead of seeing them as masters or help them in their journey in one way or another.

And in a dying world, I’ll soon finish my new book of which I can’t talk for now, but it will come out in 2017.

What can we expect in the upcoming year? I don’t know and I don’t care. As in previous years, I know for sure that I’ll go on and that I’ll reach my goals, since I possess the gifts and abilities that life gave me when I was a born, and the best wife and family in the world.

¡Happy New Year!



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